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Published by Gill in March 2021, Zoe's first book 'As the Smoke Clears' went straight to the No 1 best-selling position for non fiction in it's first week of sales in Ireland.

One week later the memoir reached the No 1 best selling position across both both fiction and non-fiction categories.


As the Smoke Clears is available in all good book outlets now.

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In this remarkable memoir, Zoe takes the reader on an emotionally charged journey, commencing with her miraculous rescue from the boot of a burning car just seconds from death. She didn't escape unscathed however, suffering severe burns all over her face and body. The greatest tragedy of all - her heroic husband Brian, who she had married just four days earlier, didn't survive and perished right before her eyes.


The author reveals her attempts to deal with complex grief as a result of sudden loss, while continuing her battle for physical recovery, having to learn how to walk, talk and use her limbs again. With painstaking honesty, she describes her attempts to cope with bereavement and PTSD, revealing details of her intensive therapy sessions, her struggle with vivid flashbacks, insomnia and the realization that she must face the future with a heavily scarred body.

As the Smoke Clears is a story of survival, of overcoming immense challenges and discovering a path to renewal. In sharing her profoundly personal tale, Zoe shows that in the most tragic of circumstances there are still moments of warmth, comfort and surprisingly sometimes even humor. Even at the darkest of times, in the heaviest fog, there are yet glimpses of light to be found..

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